Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nigéria - Lagos - Les avions bloqués à l'aéroport à cause des nids de poule

Rien ne marche à Lagos (avez-vous déjà écouté Fela ?)...

What sort of country is this ? (...) Is it because we’re in Nigeria? They did not even bother to take us to a hotel on the foolish reason that the hotel cannot take everyone. I slept at the airport with all the mosquitoes till 6 a.m on Saturday," (in Sun News, 30 novembre)

Sur l'aéroport de Lagos, le site sleeping in airports, a quelques récits datant de la période bénie des années 90. Depuis le service s'est visiblement sensiblement amélioré. Un extrait pas piqué des hannetons :
During our stay, we barely avoided a fistfight, witnessed two robberies at knifepoint (perpetrated by rather small boys against foreign tourists), were threatened several times (Thank God my husband is a big guy who grew up in Africa or we, also, would have been robbed), got violently ill (details omitted) on the "bottled" water, and took turns dozing fitfully for fear we would be attacked by the starving rats we saw fighting for scraps of trash.